April Showers 4/12/2024

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Hey gay! First off I want to prove that I'm not just sitting on my ass and am actually working on this site. Sooooo here's stuff :~)

Dream Corp LLC

OMGEEZY a new shrine in progress! Dream Corp LLC is one of my favorite shows ever, and I've been meaning to do a kind of playful early web interface based on the aesthetics of the series. It's about a sleep lab that enters your dreams to solve your issues, like your soft dick or daddy issues or rashes. Apparently the showrunners beat me to the idea but whatevs. I looked at a few web archives and found a lot of these halftone pixel gradients and I was able to replicate it with Aseprite :)


Not even gonna hold you bro this one's on the backburner. Its a pain in the ass to scrape through all my work notes and upload my mazes and clean them up. BUT I really want to get it done. I draw mazes a lot in my free time and i thought it'd be a cute idea to have people solve them!!!! Because most of them are solvable. IDK. (BTW -- the background in that image is one of my mazes and is ENDLESS!!! Theres NO solve as it's a seamless tile)


This is going to be a character and story repository for my Warrior Cats fan project!!!! I have been slowly building up a lore with my warrior cat OCs and want to have a nice place to put everything. Oh my god I'm excited. I've created somewhat unique clan structures and I really want to share them with everyone!

Ok and that's really it for the website stuff right now. As for real life I've been having a blast.I'm exploring my city more which has been rewarding. I miss my sister so it's really fun when she's over. I'm reading more and NOT JUST WARRIOR CATS OKAY. I HAVE HIGHER STANDARDS THAN SCHOLASTIC BOOKFAIR FODDER. (That is lies and I will always love warrior cats despite it's shittiness). I actually might write a blog about warriors and how awesome Jayfeather is. Okay! Here's a song.

January EOM 1/31/2024

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Gooood new year everypony. Just wanted to do a little check in :)

Soooo I wanted to make a few life changes i.e. GTFOff my phone first thing in the morning. So I've been putting my phone halfway across the room so I have to walk to turn off my alarm. I also keep my phone in black and white mode now unless needed, and deleted doomscroll-y apps (Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram...). Unfortunately this means I've been scrolling on like weird apps that I barely touch including...dating apps BLEHHHHH!!! Just to have something to do. I'll get better don't worry. I've also put a journal by my bed and a big ass book (House of Leaves) to encourage myself to do something to wind down before bed. RELATED but I want to hang out with my friends more, I went into the city last weekend and did a museum and breakfast for dinner w a buddy. I love her a lot! <3

Nutanix is doing this thing where they're offering their associate and professional courses for free through the 14th so you know my ass is doing that shit. And taking handwritten notes!! I'm going for the associate cert, which otherwise would've been like $900 or something insane last time I checked the course pricing. Just the exam alone would be $99 but I can't read a manual straight up, I need the course lol. Also my boss is being crazy AS PER but it's fine I stay silly. Hopefully getting this cert will help me in the future.

HOLYSHIT I've been drawing pixel art like crazy. I'm doing a commission which I'll post later, but I've also done super cute little isometric drawings (for furcadia orz) like this bedford bambi. Gaze upon Her Ass.

ISN'T THAT CAYUUUUTE...!!! I used aseprite and FOX editor for this. My next goal is to make a functional camper / RV because I sized this one wrong for the game LOL but it's still so cute. Okay that's all I think. I'll leave you with a song my dad's been playing on loop lately. Byyyyye.