How to use Cyberduck to update your Neocities Website

First, check the official mount information for Neocities. If you're on MacOS, or Linux there's straightforward directions for you :) If you're on Windows, it just says to download Cyberduck or Mountain Duck. If you're like me you need like. Way more direction than that lol so here's what I do.

First, download Cyberduck here.

Connecting your Site

Once it's downloaded, open Cyberduck and click "Open Connection". Use the following settings.

Username: your site name
Password: your neocities password

Click "more options" and enter:

Path: webdav

Click connect, and you should see something like this :)

Pushing an Update

Click the upload button in the corner. Navigate to the folder you're working in.

Click the file or folder you want to update. Please note that if you're uploading something that matches the name and location of another file, it will be prompted to be overwritten.