Want to advertise?

If you would like to make an advert to show up on the BL64 homepage, please mail me with a graphic and a url to the site you want to advertise. This could be advertising your commissions, a personal site, a story, a discord, just to flex your graphic design muscle, etc etc etc...

ROTATION ADS: these ads rotate every 30 seconds at random. The size is 160x120

STATIC ADS: these ads are static, and stay on my homepage indefinitely. The size is 120x20

If you would like help creating a graphic, let me know!

Please note this is just for fun and comes at no cost.

Wait where?

On the BL64 homepage, in the leftmost panel.

Oh, okay. Will I get lots of hits?

Probably not! BL64 averaged 346 hits and 128 views in the last month (October 2022) which is really cool but not a lot of traffic hehe.

Why would I do this then.

For fun! And it's free, only costing time.

Okay. How do I contact you?

Email me: bootleg64@protonmail
Discord: neocord#6815

Current Ads

PLEASE NOTICE: some ads were created purely for fun. Usually if I really like a band or thing. :)

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