Briar's Patch

Briar's Patch, My Furcadia Webpage

Welcome to Briar's Patch. This is where I will document my adventures in Furcadia. Dreamweaving, patch creation, and character profiles will be housed here. Navigate with the links to the right. Please make yourself at home. Please note that this will always be a Work in Progress!!


1/14/2024 || Created "journal" page and wrote about the Further Confusion celebration. Made a separate page for furre info.

Briar's Patch : The Dream

This is the placeholder name for my main dream. I'll update this section once there's something substantial to post...


A small directory of relevant helpful links. Mostly for myself / friends

Official Furcadia Tools / Help

Official Furcadia Lore


  • - patch archive. Please also view their resource page for way more links / help with patching and programming!

General Furcadia Sites

  • cinni - cinni makes AMAZINGGG dreams and is a very talented port artist + patch maker.
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