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Further Confusion 2024!

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Today my friend and I Moll Fletcher (aka b-side) went to Further Confusion on Furcadia! I don't really have the means to go to an irl fur con (haven't found a local enough one / had the time / had the funds / etc etc etc), so this was a fun event. There was a dance floor, pillow painting, florb wars (which was a sort of tag game), a ball pit and bouncy house, and several hangout spaces.

Moll and Briar standing in front of the Further Confusion Banner

Moll and I in front of the con banner!

We became goats for a while. We were goated as fuck.

Moll and Briar in goat form at the sunflower patch


Moll and Briar in goat form in front of something called the Galdoon

Of course, the Galdoon. Clearly

What is the galdoon actually? I have no idea. Anyways. We returned to our natural states to be social. STILL GOATED THOUGH.

Moll and Briar sitting at the banquet with other players

We went to the banquet and were well behaved :-)

Moll and Briar's head's poking out of the ball pit

We got ten extra minutes in the ball pit

Moll sitting at the piano, Briar watches on

Bangin out the tunes

Moll and Briar transformed into Florbs, which are orb like creatures

Florb wars

Moll and Briar in a blue bouncy house

Bouncy house

Moll and Briar sitting neck deep in the ocean

Drowned ourselves when it was all over <./3

All in all it was pretty fun! I think we went during a slow hour, as most people were AFK. I think we'll rejoin in the evening and see if we can socialize more. This actually is the second digital fur con I've been to, as I had attended NONSTOP WORLD in 2020 on Minecraft. B-side and I did a few concerts and cons online (Square Garden, BXBW), and it's been a great way to connect as we live on different continents.I think conventions should be held digitally like this, on multiplayer games, wayyy more often, as it makes them more accessible to people who may not have the ability to go to irl conventions :)

Dreamweaving Progress

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One of my goals for 2024 is to make my own Dream! So here's a bit of progress on that.

I want my dream to look like those isometric drawings where the side of the tile is exposed, like the dirt under the grass, or a floorboard along an edge.

Art by Weronika Kowalczyk

So my idea was just to make an object that sits flush with the bottom of a floor tile. Pretty simple concept lol.

It takes a little pixel nudging but I've got it to a point where it looks pretty ok. Even just basic solid color pieces along the bottom of this forest scene look promising :) Once I get a nice coat of paint on these pieces I'll make a proper patch.

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