After what feels like moons of walking, you find your aching paws have led you to a large clearing. The grass seems to stop at the edge of this area, which is carpeted in a thick moss. Everything has taken on a warm glow as the sun rises. The trees seem to stretch up into golden blooms at the perimeter. In the center of the clearing is a shallow pool, with a twisting old oak in the center. You suddenly notice something meandering through the branches; a silver tabby cat! At least, you think she's silver, but it's an almost ethereal glow from her pelt that might be giving you that impression...she seems to notice you, too.

"Welcome, traveler. You seem to have come a very long way from home; please, stay for a while, and listen to my story."

Welcome to my Warrior cats fan project! This world building project takes inspiration from the Warriors series, authored by Erin Hunter. Please use the navigation bar to discover the story.