about me

Hi there! I'm Gigi, I'm a 20 year old college student studying computer science.

You're currently on BOOTLEG64, my little baby website that I goof off on. She was established in 2016 and has been somewhat functioning ever since!

I love to code webpages as a hobby; I also know Java , Python, and a bit of Linux, and as I get through university I'm sure this will turn into an extensive list of languages haha... I'm teaching myself how to use Blender and Unity, too! Besides all the techy stuff, I love making art. Portraits and illustration are my favorite subjects.


Generally, I'm really into horror / thriller movies. Right now I'm into more punky music, but I'll listen to pretty much anything. Please recommend me stuff to watch and listen to, I'd really appreciate it! <3

Movies Hereditary, Pacific Rim, Into the Spiderverse, The Shining, Donnie Darko, Attack the Block, Bandersnatch, Godzilla, Get Out, Heathers, Sing, Reservoir Dogs, Creep
Musicians Cowgirl Clue, Talking Heads, Jerry Paper, Tyler the Creator, Amine, The Garden / Enjoy / Puzzle, Oingo Boingo, MF Doom, Lemon Demon, Frank Sinatra / old rat pack stuff, AJJ, King Gizzard, Brockhampton, Mr.Oizo
Shows Criminal Minds, Black Mirror, Two Sentence Horror Stories, Hannibal, Disenchantment

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