Who are they?

AJJ (formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad) is a folk punk band from Pheonix formed in 2004. They're headed by Sean Bonnette, who writes the lyrics and sings the words. They were originally just two people, being Sean and a bassist named Ben Gallaty; it's been an amalgamation of different people over the years! Because of this, their albums vary in sound and feel.


So far, the band has created six (6) great studio albums!
title year
Candy Cigarettes & Cap Guns 2005
People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People in the World 2007
Can't Maintain 2009
Knife Man 2011
Chrismas Island 2014
The Bible 2 2016

They've also got many EPs, live albums, compilations, ect...


Here are some of my favorite songs from AJJ. :-)

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