An interactive film by Netflix. Spoilers, theories, and personal thoughts ahead!

About Bandersnatch

Bandersnatch is a psycological thriller produced by Netflix, and is an entry in the Black Mirror series. The story revolves around Stefan Butler, a programmer creating a game based on a choose-your-own-adventure novel in the 80's. He demos the game for a company called Tuckersoft and they agree to produce it. However, as Stefan dives deeper into the lore of the book and its concept of free will, he slowly begins to spiral into madness and paranoia that he is being controlled directly by some bigger force. What makes this movie unique is that it's an interactive story, allowing the viewer to change the narrative with "choice points" that range from inconsequential to highly significant. This format lends itself well to the ideas that plague Stefan.


Stefan Butler (portrayed by Fionn Whitehead) is our protagonist. He is a programmer set on translating his favorite novel, Bandersnatch, into a video game. He's a somewhat disturbed individual who is obsessed with the book and the author's conspiracies, and it chips away at his mental health. You, the viewer, are able to control his actions.
Peter Butler (played by Craig Parkinson) is Stefan's well-meaning father. Although he tries to be a good dad to his son, he tends to coddle Stefan, which in turn makes Stefan annoyed with him.
Colin Ritman (portrayed by Will Poulter) is an employee at Tuckersoft. He is an expert programmer who is credited with many hit games, and is held in high regard by Stefan. He often uses recreational drugs and waxes poetic on conspiracy theories and who's really pulling the strings.
Dr. Haynes (played by Alice Lowe) is Stefan's tharapist. She is genuinely concerned for him, although she is often oblivious to how Stefan is feeling and what he's experiencing.
Mohan Takur (portrayed by Asim Chaudhry) is the owner of Tuckersoft. He's the typical boss trope who only cares about the product, not really what goes into it. Takur is very witty and attempts to joke around with both Stefan and Colin.


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