About the Band

Pete Wentz, Joseph Trohman, Andrew Hurley, Patrick Stump

Fall Out Boy is a four piece pop-punk band based out of Chicago, founded in 2001. They're made up of singer Patrick Stump, guitarist Joseph Trohman, bassist Pete Wentz, and drummer Andrew Hurley. They're popular in the emo scene, often associated with other acts like Panic! at the Disco and My Chemical Romance.

Who's Who?

Here are the Fall Out Boys as I see them! :-P

Patrick Stump

"It's all a ruse to get you guys to trust me. Then...then I release the mosquitos." x

Patrick is a powerful singer with a shy attitude. It's a funny contrast, because he belts out melodies with a soul voice and interviews with an "aw shucks" vibe. He's a nerd for Kanye West. He's a very talented composer, and writes movie scores on the side. He's acted on television a number of times, from medical dramas to kiddie cartoons. During The Hiatus, he released an excellent album called Soulpunk (I'm not joking when I say you need to listen to it immediately).

Joseph Trohman

"Write the chapter for our next planet!" x

Full disclosure: I have a bias towards guitarists. His sense of humor is very esoteric (read; shitposts on twitter, interviews like an Adult Swim sketch). He's got a cute french bulldog, which he has a tattoo of. When Fall Out Boy underwent their Big Hiatus, Joe and his pals played in a band called With Knives, which I miss dearly.

Pete Wentz

"I'm just a little guy!" x

Pete is credited as the most emo of the band. He wore eyeliner a lot in the early days, and is now a cool punk father-man. He's biracial, and for some reason not a lot of people know that! Here's a pic of his natural hair. DCD2, formerly known as Decaydance, is him and Patrick's label and where Gym Class Heroes and Panic! at the Disco got their start. He's the most active on social media, and uses cute snapchat filters a lot :-)

Andy Hurley

"No way. Bees" x

Vegan, straight edge, crossfit. He has a ton of tattoos, and he's kind of, very much, exactly an anarchist. When he's not touring, he lives in a big house with all of his friends (it's called FUCK CITY). He's noted as, how do the teens say, "going hard" on the drums. Sometimes, him and Patrick face-off in a battle of rhythm; it's pretty entertaining.

Fun Facts

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