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Image via: King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard "Tape" Archive

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard is not made up. I promise they're a real band. They formed in Naarm (A.K.A. Melbourne), Australia, in the year 2010. They make all types of music, but mainly write psychedelic and progressive rock; some tracks are closer to pop, or hip hop, or metal... They're most known for their atypical time signatures and microtonal experimentation albums.


Group picture of the band.

image via: Gizzymail

From right to left: Michael, Joey, Cook, Stu, Lucas, and Ambrose.
Click a name below to view more about each member.

Notable songs: Murder of the Universe, People-Vultures, The River

Stu plays pretty much everything and writes a lot of the songs. And he's vocalist for a lot of tracks (famous for going "WOO" and "YUP!!").

A.K.A.: Amby, Shrimp, Shrimpomaniac, Princess Gizzy, Uncle Murl
Notable songs: Barefoot Desert, Cut Throat Boogie, Sadie Sorceress

Ambrose plays a lot of stuff too, but he's known as their harmonicist. His vocals and writing are notably more bluesy.

A.K.A.: Joey, Bullant
Notable songs: Loyalty, Intrasport

Guitarist and vocalist, and brings a lot of electronic influence.

A.K.A.: Cavs, Flying Michael Toenail Cabana
Notable songs: Infest the Rat's Nest

Wicked drummer for the band, and co-wrote Infest the Rats' Nest.

A.K.A.: Lukey

The bassist of the band, also works synths.

A.K.A.: Cookiedawg69, Cooky, Pipe-eye
Notable songs: Down the Sink, Garden Goblin, Pop in my Step

Guitarist and occasional vocalist.

Special place in our hearts for Eric Moore, former secondary drummer and noted theremin operator... He didn't die or nothin, he just started running Flightless Records and has made
one gizzillion $AUD in vinyl sales!! YIPPEEEE!!



Over the course of their career, KG's released twenty three (23) studio albums. That's an output of, like, 2 albums per year. They famously released 5 albums in one year (2017). They've also put out a bunch of live records, fans have made bootlegs, and there's some demos floating around online too. Click a year to see releases.

Changes Changes
OCT 28 2022
Studio album
Album 23!
Laminated Denim Laminated Denim
OCT 12 2022
Studio album
Prog Rock
A spiritual successor to Made in Timeland.
Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lava Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lava
OCT 7 2022
Studio album
They did this over the course of a week. Good lord. They just don't stop
Omnium Gatherum Omnium Gatherum
APR 22 2022
Studio album
First double album, and first album with hip hop tracks. "Omnium Gatherum" translates to "a miscellaneous collection" in Latin.
Made in Timeland Made in Timeland
MAR 05 2022
Studio album
Album of intermission music from the concert of the same name; first appearance of Shrimpomaniac.
Butterfly 3000 Butterfly 3000
JUN 11 2021
Studio album
Psychedelic pop
Synth pop album made during quarantine. A remix album was made DEC 21, 2021 called Butterfly 3001.
L.W. L.W.
FEB 25 2021
Studio album
The third microtonal album, and a partner to K.G.
K.G. K.G.
NOV 20 2020
Studio album
The second microtonal album, and a partner to L.W.
Infest the Rats' Nest Infest the Rats' Nest
AUG 16 2019
Studio album
Fully heavy metal album about the environment.
Fishing for Fishies Fishing for Fishies
APR 26 2019
Studio album
Boogie / blues
Blues album recorded in the country with friends from the band Tropical Fuck Storm. It's A.K.A. Ambrose's album.
Gumboot Soup Gumboot Soup
31 DEC 2017
Studio album
Number 5 of 5 records of 2017. A collection of extra songs from the previous 4 albums.
Polygondwanaland Polygondwanaland
NOV 17 2017
Studio album
Progressive rock
Number 4 of 5 records of 2017. A fully free album released under an open license; tons of creative bootlegs were made as a result.
Sketches of Brunswick East Sketches of Brunswick East
AUG 18 2017
Studio album
Psychedelic / jazz
Number 3 of 5 records of 2017. A collaborative effort with the band Mild High Club.
Murder of the Universe Murder of the Universe
JUN 23 2017
Studio album
Progressive rock
Number 2 of 5 records of 2017. Follows the lore of Han Tyumi, who would become a recurring character in their future work.
Flying Microtonal Banana Flying Microtonal Banana
FEB 24 2017
Studio album
Number 1 of 5 records of 2017. The first microtonal album. Named after the guitar used, which was build to play microtonal scales.
Nonagon Infinity Nonagon Infinity
APR 29 2016
Studio album
An album with a cyclical concept; one can play the album in an infinite loop due to the last song perfectly transitioning into the first song. Nonagon refers to the 9 tracks.
Paper Mache Dream Balloon Paper Mâché Dream Balloon
NOV 13 2015
Studio album
An acoustic album. Recorded (mostly) in a shipping container.
Quarters! Quarters!
MAY 12 2015
Studio album
Psychedelic pop / jazz
Concept album with 4 songs, each 10 minutes and 10 seconds, for a full runtime of 40:40.
I'm in Your Mind Fuzz I'm in Your Mind Fuzz
OCT 31 2014
Studio album
Worldwide debut album.
Oddments Oddments
MAR 07 2014
Studio album
An album of assorted songs.
Float Along - Fill Your Lungs Float Along - Fill Your Lungs
SEP 27 2013
Studio album
First foray into weird time signatures.
Eyes Like the Sky Eyes Like the Sky
FEB 22 2013
Studio album
Garage / western
A wholly narrated western album, with story written by Broderick Smith (frontman for The Dingoes and Ambrose's father).
12 Bar Bruise 12 Bar Bruise
SEP 7 2012
Studio album
Debut studio album.

Here's my personal favorite tracks spanning their discography!


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"Filmed in Melbourne during the first several months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sleeping Monster explores the prosaic beauty of King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard's studio routine. Featuring demos from the album “Changes”, plus the track “Change” recorded live in the studio on film." - Letterboxd synopsis

NEO SEZ: This movie is so good! It's shot beautifully. I love the interview sequences a lot. I love Cavs talking about his weird dream. I love that it kinda felt like a crime movie at times, at least to me (police doggy, smuggling talk towards the beginning, empty garages begging to be the baddie hideout...)... and that jam at the end is sooooo good.

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"CHUNKY SHRAPNEL is a feature length live music Documentary from King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. Literally bringing the audience onto the stages of their 2019 tour across Europe & the UK, Chunky offers a uniquely immersive experience never before captured on film. A musical road movie dipped in turpentine." - Letterboxd synopsis

NEO SEZ: Amazing footage from on stage, interspersed with quaint green rooms and street scenes. Huge fan of the final scene, where the band slowly gets replaced by other people (including folks from Stonefield and O.R.B.!)... you can really tell these dudes put their all into making a good show AND having fun.


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I like to collect vinyls, cds, posters, fanmade art, and other cool stuff :-)


Omnium Gatherum... excellent record!! I got the lucky dip wax, and the blue and orange compliment really well with each other :-) My favorite track is either Ambergris or Candles.

Album Format Notes
Butterfly 3000 Vinyl Mariposa 3000 vers. // Caterpillar Red
Murder of the Universe Vinyl Vomit Green with yellow splatter
Made in Timeland Vinyl Martian Ocean color
Live in San Francisco '16 CD We know all about dickhead!!!!!


Here's some fun graphix in case you want to show gizzy pride. Feel free to link back to this page, if you'd like.

88x31 buttons

KGLW BootleggerMurder of the UniverseNonagon InfinityFishing for Fishies


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infest the rats nest fishies butterfly 3000 murder of the universe flying microtonal banana gizzhead gizzard flute monster i'm in your mind fuzz nonagon infinity 12 bar bruise fishing for fishies gumboot soup omnium gatherum chunky shrapnel oddments polygondwanaland float along / fill your lungs flightless records

The band's costumes from Catching Smoke sitting on chairs.

image via: sez_brez

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