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Mirror Might Steal Your Charm (2018)
First album I heard from them. Fell in love with the experimental punk sound.
fave track: Shameless Shadow
haha (2015)
Super fast and punchy!
fave track: This Could Build Us A Home

who is the garden

(left to right) Wyatt and Fletcher Shears from the Vada Vada music video

The Garden is a band formed by twin brothers Fletcher and Wyatt Shears in Orange, California. They make high energy music, what some people describe as "art punk", with some electronic influences like drum 'n bass; however, they've described their style as "vada vada".

vada vada?

According to the brothers, vada vada is their made up universe. It also represents "a creature in its habitat doing its own thing".

timestamped at 7:27

I think what that really boils down to is that they make music they like, and what they wanna listen to. I think that's don't have to understand it, but respect to someone making art for themselves. That's pretty punk.

member stats

Name Wyatt Fletcher
Role vocals, bass guitar vocals, drums
Solo Work Enjoy Puzzle
Birthday October 28th, 1993

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