my december 12/27/2023

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Long time no see guyz :p Sooo lets see.

I'm still working the IT job, and it's been cool. They do this thing where if you pass certification tests they'll cover costs. Which is awesome but I'm woefully bad at studying so we'll just funkin see lol... also in the way of My Job, I went to my first bootcamp and it was awesome!!! I learned about Nutanix + using Prism which is a really cool tool for managing VMs and shit. It's really easy to use so I was like YAYYYY and then they gave us bagels AND sandwiches which also probably swayed my opinion on the whole thing. But also I paid 2 dollars in the lobby cafe for hot water and two packets of hot chocolate. Which is fucked. Also paid $25 for parking. WHAT THE FUCK!!!! Anyways it was cool. I'm probably going to go for a Nutanix cert and also an NSE cert this coming year.

Also holy shit student loan interest and principle payments start in March.


On a lighter note, xmas was good. I got a lot of crochet stuff and my sister got me a pattern for a cute cardigan! I'm working on it now. I also got a stand mixer (WHOA!!!!) so I'm excited to make bread and cake and stuff :D I'll probably still make my cookies by hand lol.

Ou I've been playing Furcadia on and off this month too! Furcadia is an old MMOSG. I'm really bad at socializing and, admittedly, I've run away from a few convos lol... but I'm hoping to get better at being conversational! I'm Briar Nonagon if you ever want to find me, although I spend most of my time dreamweaving hehe (see some tests above). I want to build a dream that reflects comfortable places in my IRL world, or places where I've been happy... so the college station, record store, etc... It's just gonna be a place to talk and maybe have some games too. We'll see! Check my furc homepage Briar's Patch for more furcadia business.

Okay last thing. I wanted to share some of my New Years Resolutions! So here they are :)

...And I think that's it. Thanks for reading!!!! See you soon :D

First B-LOG!! 11/9/2023

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Hooray! Going to try to keep a regular blog on this site. Sooo lets see.

da life...

Obviously popping.

I'm working an IT help desk job and it's been fun but difficult. I think I'm going to become a sysadmin, and I'm going for my CCNA soon if I can focus enough to study. I graduated this past summer, and my commencement ceremony is in December! I guess the only poop part is dealing with family stuff but I can deal for a little while longer. I had a difficult time being a person a few months ago but I feel like focusing on this I enjoy, like webdev, is helpful. I hope I can get myself in a comfortable position to move out within the next two years or so... I think I'd enjoy a townhouse or something small. Student loans are kicking ass. Oh and my birthday is this month! I wonder what I'll do :~)

da media...

Obviously pooping.

I've been listening to a lot of Mr.Bungle. I really enjoy the whiplash you get listening to weird experimental circus music. And I like Mike Patton. Clearly. Obviously. My friend Dennis got me into some of his music, then I heard his voice work on Metalocalypse. I still think I prefer Bungle over Faith No More. I think I might do some sort of deep dive into his music and write it down. for scientific reasons. Here's a cool video of Mike doing noises for Bjork. I LOVE BJORK!

da website...

Obviously peeing. (?) (!)

Completely overhauled the look! So I started rewiring everything early COCKTOBER without much direction. Wasn't until late in the month that I decided I didn't care to have a nice idea for this place, just having it be mine was enough :)... I'm going to try to keep up the pace, work on playing with webdev more and uploading my experiments. My job pays for a skill learning site, so I'm going to use it to study JS more. I would Like to include a section in the library for my worldbuilding projects and (FAN?!)fiction writings. I have a lot of warrior cats and shit.

I think that's all. Thank you for reading!